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Wedding Photography

Single Photographer Coverage


Up to 8 hours of unlimited coverage and 20 retouched images.


Standard 2 Photographer Coverage: $1000

8 hours of unlimited coverage by myself, plus another Photojournalist. Two perspectives during the most important moments such as Bride's and Groom's preparations. 


Enhanced 2 Photographer Coverage w/ 2nd Day Shoot $1400

Combines my Standard Package, which gives you 2 photographers for the big day, PLUS adds a 2nd Day shoot you can use on anything you like. Engagement Sessions, Trash The Dress, Bridal Shower, Next-Day Brunch, your wish is my command!

Standard Video Package:


Collaborate with me to create a unique video under 10 minutes to announce your engagement, celebrate the big day, or memorialize a bachelor/bachelorette party. 


Full Coverage:


Your wedding will be shot from beginning to end with three cameras and two videographers. They will be edited together and delivered to you via thumb drive or online. 





For bargain head shots come to my home studio or a location near me for a 30 minute, $100 photography session, and 5 favorite pictures edited. $50 dollars extra gets 10 of your photos edited for color, blemishes, and other moderate editing.


One Hour $150

Up to an hour of photography. Need something documented quickly for a stellar price? If it can be shot in an hour or less take advantage of this amazing offer and I can transfer the pictures on the spot.


Up to 3 hours of unlimited photos. This coverage is prefect

for birthdays, corporate photo-shoots, parties, you name it.

Hourly Rates

4 hours $325

5 hours $400

6 hours $460

7 hours $520

8 hours $550

Photo Editing

This includes color correction and basic blemish removal. 

1-10 photos $50

11-20 photos $100

21-50 photos $190

Each photo after 50 is an additional $3.


Advanced Photo Editing

This includes things like shaving a few pounds off arms or belly, adding hair , removing wrinkles, revitalizing, damaged photos, and much more.

I charge $50 an hour for advanced editing. I will need to view the photos to deliver an estimate. 



Standard Video Capture

Half Day $350

Up to four hours of video work with up to two cameras and one camera operator. Hours are counted as the time spent on location. If you require a split shift (clocking in and out several times in a day) special rates can be arranged.

4 hours $350

5 hours $400

6 hours $460

7 hours $520

8 hours $550

If more cameras/personnel are required, expect rates to increase by $100 per hour. 



Short Pieces

Most short projects cost between $450-$1200.  I will give you an estimate when the project is described.

Multi-cam Editing

If you have footage from several cameras you need edited into one video without creative cuts I can have this turned around very quickly.

2-3 cameras

$70   1 hour of footage

$110 2 hours of footage

$140 3 hours of footage

$160 4 hours of footage

For each additional camera add $20 per hour of footage.

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